GOAT SEMEN "En Vivo Lima Hell" (Astral Holocaust)

  • Manufactured by: Soul Erazer Distribution


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Very violent capture of a live show performed by one of the sickest Black Death metal acts from Southamerica / Peru, raw sound , filthy atmosphere and all in all a very chaotic release. Higly recoemended for those into Sarcofago, Beherit, Blasphemy and such bestial acts. Released in conspiracy between Soulerazer (Brasil) and Kvlt Recs (Finland) this version includes 4 bonus tracks not registered in the previous versions


01.Sodom Graves
02.Madre muerte
03.At Luzbel’s Behest
04.Death Will
06.Apologia terrorista
07.Crucified Fucked and Forsaken
08.Warfare Noise
09.Goat Semen
10.Rotten Messiah
11.Sodom Graves (*)
12.Apologia Terrorista (*)
13.Warfare noise (*)
14.Oracle of the Sands (*)

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