HYPNOSIA "Extreme Hatred" (Hammerheart Records)

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For all those who love to bang their heads without mercy and still worship albums like MERCILESS' "The Awakening", SADUS' "Illusions" or KREATOR"s "Pleasure To Kill", there finally is a band again which will take you back to those wonderful days! Really, it"s been a very long time since I have heard such an intense thrashing album! From the beginning till the end, HYPNOSIA thrashes through this album in such a high speed, you have to hear it to believe it! The vocals (damn close to the vocals of SADUS), the artwork (a reaper), the production, even the song-titles, everything on this album is pure Thrash-nostalgia which takes you back to the mid-eighties! Despite the fact that the songs are damn fast, everything is very tight played. 

1 Extreme Hatred
2 Circle Of The Flesh
3 The Last Remains
4 Operation Clean-Sweep
5 Comatose
6 Act Of Lunacy
7 Gates Of Cirith Ungol
8 Hang 'Em High
9 Traumatic Suffering

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