DEMONIC TEMPLE "Incrementum" (Dark Horizon Records)

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Be taken on a glorious journey through dark passageways filled with well executed Esoteric Occult Black Metal. "Incrementum" is not only memorable it submerges the listener into a cold ethereal landscape full of despair leading ultimately to illumination. "Incremenutum" is the second album from Demonic Temple which takes the band into a new dynamic and sound expansive direction. "Incrementum" shines with excellent production that is crowned by glorious mastering by M (No Solace, MGLA, Kriegsmaschine...).


1 Mystical Wind (Black Light)
2 Sanctus Ignis
3 Hymn To Pan
4 Manifest Of Lightning Souls
5 Devotion For The Serpent Glory
6 Transformation Path

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