DARKNESS "Death Squad" + "The Evil Curse" (Demo-1985) (Warhymns)

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Finally, the CD reissue of Darkness' debut, 'Death Squad'. Originally released in 1987, this album is a must for fans of KREATOR, DESTRUCTION and EXUMER. This excellent reissue adds 7 bonus tracks! The best thing about this album has always been the complex guitar solos, and the tight, rapid drumming. Lots of German high speed Thrash riffing here, that rips your brain to pieces. Essential Teutonic Thrash!
The bonus tracks are the whole "The evil curse" 1985 demo, plus songs from the "Eure eurben" 2005 promo, the "Spawn of the dark one" 1986 demo and the "Spawn of the lost one" 1989 live tape!!!


1 Invasion Sector 12
2 Critical Threshold
3 Death Squad
4 Staatsfeind
5 Tarsman Of Chor
6 Faded Pictures
7 Iron Force
8 Burial At Sea
9 Phantasmagoria
"Eure Erben" Promo-Demo 2005
10 Neues Von Gestern
"The Evil Curse" Demo 1985
11 Intro
12 Victims
13 Infernal Declaration
14 Armageddon
"Spawn Of The Dark One" Demo 1986
15 Death Squad
"Spawn Of The Last One" Live Tape 1989
16 Living After Midnight (Written-By – Judas Priest)

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