GUERRILHA "One Night Lost In Time" Sepultura / Mutilator 1986

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The short lived project featuring Sepultura, Mutilator, and Mayhem (pre-The Mist) members, live in 1986. (With (Max "Possessed", Igor "Skullcrusher", Jairo "Tormentor" , Sílvio SDN) Videos taken from trades and audio taken from their live demo. 

Show Festival Da Morte (Video)
1 Guerrilha
2 Bla
3 Chaos
4 Figueiredo
5 Infernal Death
Demo 1986 (Audio)
6 Guerrilha
7 Não Há O Que Fazer
8 Soldado
9 Miséria
10 Doce Som do Silêncio

1 to 5 - Live at Festival da Morte, Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil (Aug, 16th, 1986)

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