DARKNESS “Defenders of Justice” + "Titanic War" (Demo-1986)

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Great re-issue including eight bonus tracks, several songs from early demos. This album holds up well and makes wish the band had gotten more recognition back when it was first released. When you think of the German speed metal scene from the 1980's you invariably come to the big three of DESTRUCTION, KREATOR and SODOM. Like any other scene there were some overlooked bands behind the big names. DARKNESS would be one of top choices from this scene. The knocked out numerous demos before finally releasing their debut "Death Squad" in 1987. The sound was a mix of powerful thrash with hardcore undertones. The next year "Defenders of justice" brought even more of the same sound. They had it all in terms of intensity, an abundance of monster riffs, a great sense of pacing and just a great feel for how to get the most out of their music.


1 Bloodbath
2 Inverted Minds
3 Battle To The Last
4 Caligula
5 They Need A War
6 Locked
7 Defenders Of Justice
8 Predetermined Destiny
"Eure Erben" Promo Demo 2005
9 Wir Brauchen Krieg
"Titanic War" Demo 1986
10 The Evil Curse Of Darkness
11 Hear The Cry
12 Iron Force
13 Torment Declaration
14 The Kingdom Of Death
"New Renaissance" Compilation 1987
15 Armageddon
"Spawn Of The Last One" Live Tape 1989
16 Detroit Rock City

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