PERSECUTOR ''Wings of Death'' Demo 2007 (Rawblackult Prods)

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Debut album of these Black/Speed/Death Metal blasphemers! Persecutor's first opus looks OLD. It looks like some obscure, primitive sui generis demo from the dawn of extreme metal, something that fell through the cracks and was reissued lovingly on CD (with no hope of the label turning a profit) years later. It looks like a cult item. That is also basically what it sounds like, a hard-to-categorize blend of thrash, black metal, and death metal with no modern touches to it whatsoever. It would not sound out of place alongside cult obscurities like Apostasy's "Sunset of the End" or the classic demos of the Chilean band Pentagram, or Sweden's excellent Mefisto. Musically, at least, it sounds like it pre-dates the neat divisions of extreme metal into categories. This is aggressive, fierce and so genuinely old school that can make you cry for joy. Pure fucking Evilness for maniacs of Witchmaster, Bestial Warlust, Aura Noir, Gospel Of The Horns,Necrovore

Track List:

A1 Army Of Damned 4:24
A2 Impious Barbaric Conquest 4:01
A3 Exploding Grave 3:53
A4 Injection 1:37
A5 Jesus Is Doomed 0:45
B1 Nihilistic Force 3:25
B2 Nuclear Command 1:40
B3 Reborn On Wings Of Death 3:21
B4 Branded By The Reaper 2:44

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