GOAT INVOCATION "Invocation Of Black Evil" (Black Goat T)

  • Manufactured by: Black Goat Terrorist 666


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Destructive fucking necrowar sounds from Brazil. This tape contains 2 demos of this satanic band in the vein of ARCHGOAT, SARCOFAGO. 
Limited and handnumbered to 300 copies.


A1 Intromantik
A2 Morbid Existence
A3 Impure Fate
A4 Apocaliptic Moon
A5 Bestial Sadomizador
A6 Satanical Doom (Goat Version)
A7 Warrior Of Necrounderground
A8 Rise Of The Black Moon (Archgoat Cover)
A9 Outro 666
A10 War Goat Kult
A11 Satanical Doom
A12 Impure Faith
A13 Baphomet Legions

Demo #1. Pro done Tape limited to 300 hand-numbered copies.
Tracks 1-9 were recorded in 2011. Tracks 10-13 were recorded in 2009 when the band was still called Profanor.

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