BELLICUM BESTIALIS "Sobre as Ruinas do Triunfante Holocausto"

  • Manufactured by: Black Goat Terrorist 666


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Blasphemous brazilian Death/Black metal attack in the old tradition. Demo 2010 . Limited and handnumbered to 300 copies. 


A1 Diabolus In Excelsis 03:08
A2 O Martelo Negro Da Vingança 01:03
A3 Litanias Lucifericas 02:47
A4 Sobre as Ruinas do Triunfante Holocausto 01:03
A5 Tedeum Infernal (Intro) 01:15
A6 O Sacrificio Do Pudor 02:53
A7 Sobre As Ruinas Do Triunfante Holocausto 00:52
A8 Goecia 03:02
A9 A Flama Eterna 02:45
A10 Sadico Ritual 01:44

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