PROCLAMATION "Advent of the black omen" (Nuclear War Now)


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Few bands working within this subgenre have so successfully delivered such aggressive and violent onslaughts and few have remained so faithful to the blueprints established by Blasphemy, Beherit, Impurity, Sarcofago, etc. This is not a “retro” band, however. These releases easily stand alongside the classics produced by those masters. Among the seemingly endless tide of Bestial Black Death bands released each month, few can be as favorably compared to the pregenitors of the genre. Proclamation is one of the few that can. Perhaps this is because Proclamation has studied the masters so thoroughly and refuses to be influenced by anything other than the unholiest of bestial black metal. You will hear no heavy metal influence. norsecore…no funthrash…instead you will be thoroughly assaulted by chaotic riffs, morbid intros, searingly violent guitar solos, and blasphemous vocals from beyond that will rape and devour your soul. Released in conspiracy with Ross Bay Cult.


1 Rise Of The Abomination [Intro] 1:09
2 Evil Blood Of Sodomy 2:54
3 Rites Of Carnality 2:48
4 Hecatomb 3:10
5 Crucifixion Vomit 3:16
6 Advent Of The Black Omen 3:10
7 Seed Of The Antichrist 4:57
8 Hellbound Triumph 2:48
9 Bestial Hordes From Hades 1:34
10 Baptism In Fire 3:27
11 Proclamation Of Doom 5:38

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