GEHENNAH "10 Years of Fucked Up Behaviour" (Beer Or Death Recs)

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This release came out in 50 copies only, which were sold during Gehennah's 10th anniversary gig in Karlstad/Sweden on 11th October 2002. Contains original intro from 1992 "Kill" demo, two old demo songs re-recorded with a good sound and some changes, brand new blaster "Bleed You Bastards" and a killer cover version of infamous sociopath rocker G.G. Allin's "Drink Fight and Fuck


  • Intro – Osculum Obscenum instrumental
  • 2.Burning Strings (2002)
  • 3.Bleed You Bastards
  • 4.Drink, Fight and Fuck (GG Allin cover)
  • 5.Discodeath
  • 6.Hardrocker
  • 7.Hellstorm – Beat that Poser Down
  • 8.Six Pack Queen
  • 9.Bitch with a Bulletbelt
  • 10.Decibel Rebel
  • 11.Hungover (Fades Out)
  • 12.Say Hello to Mr. Fist

-Track 5 is from the Headbangers Against Disco Vol. 1 split (1997)
-Tracks 6-12: P3 Live (Recorded by Swedish National Radio)

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