TORK RAN "Tales Of Death " Doble CD (Armée De La Mort Records)

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The recordings of the legendary Pictavian Speed/Thrash Metal band now available as a double CD edition. TORK RAN was performing a very intense and rich Thrash Metal, influenced by CORONER, MEKONG DELTA, SLAYER, DEATHROW, BLESSED DEATH,! With a truly barbaric and impious concept. This release features the "Tales of Death" demo from 1990, the "Haatrrh" live demo from 1988, and many bonus tracks (live and rehearsal). A complete 32 pages booklet features the original artworks, pictures, lyrics, articles and a biography.


1.01 Hatrh
1.02 Raw Death
1.03 Iron Wars
1.04 Scourge Of God
1.05 Romeo & Juliet
1.06 Tales Of Death
1.07 Raw Death
1.08 Thrash Fuckin' Medley
1.09 Glhoubhi-Bhoulgha
1.10 When Wolves Are Howling
1.11 Speed Thrash Lulu
1.12 Millions Of Dead Cops / Guitar Solo
1.13 Iron Wars
1.14 Tork Ran
1.15 Scourge Of God
1.16 Fuck Off And Die
2.01 Intro
2.02 Pendragon
2.03 Return Of The Lord
2.04 Lone Wolf
2.05 Drums Solo
2.06 Guitar Solo
2.07 Cry Of The Unavanged
2.08 Millions Of Dead Cops
2.09 Thorgun / Mercenary
2.10 Speed Thrash Lulu
2.11 Women Are Bitches
2.12 Glhoubhi-Bhoulgha
2.13 Fuck Off And Die
2.14 Thrash Fuckin' Medley
2.15 Lost Souls - Part I
2.16 Pendragon
2.17 Speed Thrash Lulu
2.18 Lone Wolf
2.19 Guitar Solo
2.20 Cry Of The Unavanged
2.21 Women Are Bitches
2.22 Lost Souls - Part II

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