THY SERPENT’S CULT "Infernal Wings Of Damnation" (Australis R)

  • Manufactured by: Autralis Records


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Thy Serpent’s Cult crush us with his Infernal Wings of Damnation, with an excellent reception in the underground. You certainly will not stop calling the attention of the most loyal followers of the traditional Death Metal, is fast and furious, mystical and heartbreaking; a butcher without pauses, it influences that are more clear, there is only one way to go....

1. Infernal Wings of Damnation 5:09
2. The Bloody Temple of the Flesh 4:22
3. The Serpent Cult 2:53 Play
4. The Insane Master 2:56 Play
5. Behind the Spells 3:19 Play
6. Glorifies the Evil 4:31 Play
7. Annihilation of Mankind 4:27 Play
8. Tribulation 3:03 Play
9. Invocator of the Spawns 3:45 Play
10. Unholy Burning Breath 4:39 Play

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