ANGREPP “Warfare” DIGIPACK-CD (Abyss Records)

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Angrepp burst onto the Swedish underground scene in 2006 with the self-released Prepare for the Attack demo. Angrepp fuse together Black and Thrash metal with anger and aggression, and top it off with a ""we don't give a fuck punk rock attitude. Warfare was recorded at Unisound Studio and was mixed & mastered by legendary musician/producer Dan Swano, who places his trademark on the sound creating crushing bottom end and clean crisp guitar and vocal sounds. The combination of Dan Swano's mark and the unique blending of extreme metal genres, make for a very aggressive and unique release.

1 Intro 1:16
2 Five Horned Formation 3:43
3 Legions Arise 4:03
4 Dead And Destroyed 3:59
5 Warfare 3:25
6 Fiende 3:07
7 Rape, Kill, Rock N Roll 4:07
8 Firebrand 4:02
9 For Now I Have Risen 3:01
10 Dictator

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