VARATHRON "Live At The Swamp 1990" (A Fine Day to Die Records)

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This CD is divided in two parts - the first part is a live recording and the second part is a rehearsal recording without audience. Both recordings are from 1990. The first one is from the very first black metal show in Greece along with Rotting Christ and Death Courier at the Rock Palais Club in Kastella, Piraeus where Mayhem were supposed to play too at the same gig, but according to Varathron, they got stopped in the Yugoslavian border. The material they played is from their demo "Genesis Of Apocryphal Desire" and from their 7" EP "One Step Beyond Dreams". The cover itself says no tracklist at all.

From the five known and two unknown songs, one is a cover version of a Terrorizer song. During the last live song there is an abrupt end after which the second part, the recording in the rehearsal room, begins. The second part contains three songs recorded during a Varathron rehearsal in 1990. CD Shape Vinyl limited edition 666 handnumbered copies.


I Descent Of A Prophetic Vision 3:51
II Genesis Of Apocryphal Desires 3:26
III The Tressrising Of Nyarlathotep 7:26
IV Seven Endless Horizons 4:15
V Pull The Plug (Death Cover 5:20
VI Resurrection (Terrorizer cover 3:35
VII Copkiller (Death Courier Cover 1:53
VIII Descent Of A Prophetic Vision (First Version) 3:38
IX Seven Endless Horizons (First Version) 3:43
X The Tressrising Of Nyarlathotep (First Version) 3:30

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