LITURGIA MALEFICARUM "Totus Tuus" (A Fine Day to Die Records)

  • Manufactured by: A Fine Day to Die Records


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Ritual black Ambient from Dunwich, UK, for fans of ABRUPTUM, BETHLEHEM, MORDOR.  CD Shape Vinyl limited edition 666 handnumbered copies.


1 Ex Divina Luce Repulsus Sum
2 Humanae Vitae Taedemus
3 Mater Abominationum, Ante Te Genuflecto
4 In All His Fathomless Glory, He Appears
5 In Perpetua Obscuritas Iacebo
6 Demonem Invito
7 In Ignem Aeternum Infernorum Detrude Me
8 Adoratio Mortis - Violatio Sepulcrorum
9 Humiliter Majestati Gloriae Tuae Supplicamus
10 A Presence Wandering In The Dark Corridors Below
11 Non Clamabunt In Gutture Suo

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