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Official re-mastered re-issue of AZAGHAL’s legendary third album out of print for over a decade!!!

AZAGHAL, Finland's top-selling black metal act, unleashes an official re-issue of their legendary third album "Of Beasts and Vultures". Out of print worldwide for over a decade, the band's milestone third album finally receives a long-overdue re-release, completely re-mastered by band-leader Narqath for superior sound. "Of Beasts and Vultures" was originally released in 2002 and quickly sold through its first several pressings…

One of Finland's oldest black metal bands with a vast catalog, including 11 full-length albums, countlessEP's and splits, AZAGHAL require no introduction to metal fans worldwide. Performing a more bestial form of black metal in their early years, AZAGHAL's "Of Beasts and Vultures" exemplifies this approach, which alongside Impaled Nazarene's "Tol Cormpt Norz, Norz, Norz" and Horna’s "Kohti Yhdeksän Nousua", cemented the corner-stone of the now hugely popular and infamous Finnish black metal sound.

17 years after its original release, "Of Beasts and Vultures" is as groundbreaking and relevant today as it was upon its initial release.


1 Helwettiläinen (The Infernal One) 6:34
2 Welho (Wizard) 4:59
3 Reign 3:07
4 Kaikki Elävä Kuihtuu (All Life Withers) 5:08
5 Of Beasts And Vultures 3:15
6 Peto - 666 (The Beast - 666) 4:39
7 Minä Olen Tie (I Am The Way) 4:56
8 Verenjano (Bloodthirst) 2:32
9 Epilogue 2:44
10 13 Candle 4:37
11 From The Ninth Circle Of Hell

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