MERRIMACK "Grey Rigorism" (Moribund Records)

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The highly anticipated third album from the undisputed leaders of the French Black Metal scene! Grey Rigorism shades MERRIMACK's darkness to a more mysterious hue, with moments of teasingly drawn-out tension giving way to an explosive release. Progressive song constructs coil inward and outward upon themselves in acts of occult alchemy, exploring labyrinths of the soul few have the resolve to embark upon. MERRIMACK provide the torch to guide the way - submit yourself to Grey Rigorism!


1 The Golden Door 5:28
2 Omniabsence 5:41
3 Kirjath-Ra 6:54
4 La Sainteté Du Mal 2:35
5 Cold Earth Mourning 6:22
6 Grey Rigorism 7:27
7 When The Stars Align 5:22
8 Désaveu 2:40
9 In The Halls Of White Death 5:23
10 By Thy Grace 13:31

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