AVSKY "Scorn" (Moribund Records)

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Proving once again that black metal need not be "progressive" or "open-minded" to be truly effective, Avsky unleash Scorn upon the masses. Part statement of intent regarding traditional black metal, part extension of where they left off with Malignant, this Swedish duo concoct dangerous anthems of pitch-black atmosphere and tormented hideousness, locating the perfect balance between the archetypal Norwegian and Swedish styles. Diseased, depraved, and darker than black - you deserve Avsky's Scorn!

1 As The Mountains Collapse 9:52
2 No Compassion, No Regrets 9:28
3 Dead End 8:50
4 The Beyond 3:16
5 Scorn 7:01
6 The Sickness Within 9:43

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