AVSKY "Malignant" (Moribund Records)

  • Manufactured by: Moribund Productions


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Easily the most dangerous-sounding Black Metal band in ages, Swedes AVSKY make their Moribund debut with Malignant and are prepared to set the scene on fire! Malignant seethes with menacing malevolence, moving at mid-tempos that get the head banging and the razorblades slashing. Craft joins Shining for a double suicide in an all-encompassing experience of transcendental hatred!


1 Fuck Your Values, Fuck Your Beliefs 7:56
2 Cleanse The World 5:30
3 The Filth 5:09
4 Like Poison 4:30
5 False Heavens 8:06
6 In Contempt 3:13
7 Malignant 8:25
8 Loathe 1:46

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