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Expanded 3rd-Edition Reissue CD with 4 EXCLUSIVE BONUS TRACKS! Originally released in 2003 is now available again due to overwhelming demand from diehard Nordic Black Metal fans. Two previous editions have sold out over the past five years, but the unholy debut album is now better ['Expanded'] with the addition of 4 exclusive ("previously-unreleased") Bonus Tracks consisting of rarities and a new song recorded in 2008. The re-designed booklet features new artwork, new photos, 'improved' layout design, and both Norwegian and English lyrics. 15 Songs; Total Running-time = 76:48 minutes. *(Oct. 2008)

The long-awaited full-length debut-album "Skogen Kaller" (translation: "the forest calls") from Norway's MASSEMORD! Formerly known as EFEST in ancient times, Bergen-based MASSEMORD are diehard purveyors of True Norwegian Black Metal in the classic Nordic and Viking Metal vein of pioneers ENSLAVED, GORGOROTH, SATYRICON, DARKTHRONE, CARPATHIAN FOREST, old ULVER, etc., with a strong BATHORY influence!
The "classic" Nordic / Viking Black Metal sound is quickly disappearing from Norway's landscape, but along with established Norwegian bands such as IMMORTAL, ORCUSTUS, ENSLAVED, CARPATHIAN FOREST, DARKTHRONE, TSJUDER, GORGOROTH, TRELLDOM, GAAHLSKAGG, BLOODTHORN, TAAKE, and a few others (well, this list is actually longer than we thought!), the release of this new debut album by MASSEMORD will certainly help to prevent the extinction of this hallowed and elite Norwegian sound!

1 Naar Solen Doer Bak Fjellet 4:22
2 Solen Skinner Ikkje 4:18
3 Lyset Forsvinner 1:07
4 Eternal War 3:39
5 Skogen Kaller Og Vi Svarer 5:51
6 I Have Sipped The Blood Of Christ 4:04
7 Flowers For Your Funeral 4:01
8 Demon Storm 4:40
9 Soul Deceiver 4:54
10 My Last Breath 5:34
11 Den Gamle Festningen 5:25
12 Soldnedgangen 3:50
13 Nothing But Pain [EFEST Cover-Version] 4:11
14 Hekeldicht [Rehearsal] 2:33
15 Raintime Depression [2008] 18:12

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