UNCREATION "Overwhelming Chaos" (Blasphemous Art Productions)

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TThe long-awaited Debut Album of the Italian Death Metal Masters UNCREATION". Unrelenting Ancient Death Metal. Chaotic guitar riffing, a frantic drums work, morbid obscure vocals and diseased bestiality without compromise! No fucking mercy!!!
Nine Abominable Demonic Hymns to Chaos Evocation, Blasphemy, Death and Destruction!!!
Abominable Artwork courtesy by the great Master painter Paolo Girardi.
In the vein of early pioneers of traditional Death Metal, like early MORBID ANGEL, early DEICIDE, early GOREFEST, DEMIGOD, CONVULSE, AUTOPSY, early GRAVE, GORGUTS... thinking also to KAAMOS and SLUGATHOR...!!


1. Vomiting Inhuman Necrowrath and Chaos Evocation (Intro) 02:08 
2. Wrath and of the Knowledge 02:54 
3. The Way to (Self)Destruction 02:51 
4. Pure Incarnation of Black Perfection 03:41 
5. Dissolution of Being 03:44 
6. No One Gives a Fuck 04:12 
7. Return to Chaos 04:24 
8. Demons of Desolation 03:50 
9. Uncreation 04:39

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