ABBATH "Abbath" (Helvete Records)

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ABBATH unleashes the fury of a Nordic blizzard at full force with his crushing debut album. The heavy-metal icon and former IMMORTAL front-man returns with a self-titled album packed with his signature razor-sharp riffs and black metal anthems. Stellar cuts "Winter Bane", "Ashes of the Damned", "To War", "Fenrir Hunts" and more are nothing short of true heavy metal thunder.


1 To War! 5:35
2 Winterbane 6:50
3 Ashes Of The Damned 3:52
4 Ocean Of Wounds 4:44
5 Count The Dead 4:57
6 Fenrir Hunts 4:39
7 Root Of The Mountain 5:40
8 Endless 4:37

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